home flow 3 session strategy


Testimonial by

Jillian Holper

"I highly recommend Andrea!


She definitely took her time to help us understand how her services work and was able to help us connect to awareness of the benefits of how things are set up in our home.

She also worked with us in how we can shift our space for optimal flow by really taking the time to understand what we wanted to shift in our lives (as opposed to just assuming what is best for us without truly understanding our goals/intentions). 

It is already helping out in all areas of our lives 
and we've only begun to make adjustments.

More importantly we are also feeling even better in our space.

Andrea has clearly found her calling and I feel fortunate to be able to benefit from her knowledge & down-to-earth approach!"


- Jillian Holper

what is home flow?

Your home should feel like a cozy nest.  A sanctuary where you can recharge and thrive.  If you can't stand being at home, or feel like running away from your clutter, we should talk.


  • Relationship issues?

  • Not feeling great?

  • Ready for more abundance?


Let's get you back into balance and restore your flow!

The Home Flow Process is 3 sessions,  about 4-6 weeks apart.

Each 3 hour session includes:

  • Discussion of Current Situation and discovery of 3 main areas of focus.

  • Assessment of Feng Shui, and Connection to Non-Flowing Areas

  • Detailed Instructions on HOW to move forward powerfully.

​When scheduling, make sure you have undisturbed time where you can devote yourself to this work.  Expect huge transformation and allow time to incorporate it into your new amazing life!

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Before you decide, let's chat.  Schedule a FREE 15 minute call so I can answer any questions you have.