& twisted

add color, adjust Lighting,

bring in the art

Crafting spaces that feel amazing takes a blend of intuition, experience and creative insanity.  We bring a little of the unexpected, wake up the energy, and leave places feeling welcoming, comfortable and alive.


Specializing in upcycling, and repurposing stuff.

The creative eye can look at what has been discarded, and see a new life for it.  

"One man's trash

is another's treasure."

In today's disposable society, we recover "trash" and integrate it into tasteful and interesting creative art installations.

Need color?  Murals?

Elevate the mood

for every space

with the right color

and lighting.

We do that too.


Expect the Unexpected.

"Ok, let's raise that up to there, and... twist it."

- Mary

Yeah.  We do that.

We make stuff weird enough to wake up the casual observer,


tasteful enough to fit into any space,


and interesting enough to inspire emotion, nostalgia, and even more creative flow.

Wanna get ELEVATED & twisted with us?

Get in touch.

©2020 by  Andrea Nicole King, Flowganize. llc

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