andrea's Win/win approach

I offer a completely flexible, and scalable agreement for my clients.  I will help you get what you want with complete consideration of both of our resources. 

Our first conversation will tell me a lot about the direction you are headed in.  Our first advisory session at your office will have an agreed on fee, and if needed, after that we will discuss a longer term contract that fits your ability to commit time, and funds to working with me.

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andrea's background

I started working with people when I was 14. My family opened a bakery. After school every day, weekends, and holidays I worked. I learned about small businesses in a way you can't get from school.


I graduated and had 2 options. Go to college or run the bakery full time, move out of my parents’ house and be on my own. I was never a fan of school, so that decision was a piece of cake. Pun intended.


The level of ownership I had was literal. My family name was on the door.  I devoted myself to the success of the business and everyone in it. I worked 60-70 hours a week.


After 9 years, our bakery was doing well.  It's a tough business, but we had made a name for ourselves in the Chicago suburbs. We came to a fork in the road and decided to sell it.


The timing was great for me, I was 23 and ready to go live my life.


After 9 years of that, I knew I could work anywhere and be successful.


Side note:  22 years later that bakery is still running strong, and one of the best in the Chicago suburbs.


My employers loved my work ethic, and rapport with people.


I created systems, processes, and organized everywhere I worked.



Because that was what I was used to.


Because I liked to work in a place that felt good.  Don’t we all?


My ability to see what's going on and make it better became a secret superpower.


Wherever I worked I got promoted fast and handed the keys to the door and the code to the safe.


Hmm. Trustworthy? Yeah, because I cared and respected the business like it was my own.


Now I do the same thing for companies like yours. 


I know every business is different and offer several ways we can work together. 


Most of my clients like to start with my one-day complete solution. I meet with up to 3 team members and look at the entire company, then address the top 3 concerns. It looks like this:


Initial assessment consultation and 3 part solution - $2750




Environment, Team Experience, Communication

Company Goals, Client Experience, Cooperation



Brainstorming with no limitations.

This exercise takes the lid off of the limitations that are in place and shifts the capacity for success.



Look at all current possibilities

Choose 3 tangible action items.

Determine who is managing the process


Decide if a 3-6 month mentoring, and accountability contract is appropriate to support the team.


(Secondary option of repeating Initial assessment for next stage available after 6 months.)



What’s cool about all this:

I teach you and your team my process so everyone can be more awesome so you won’t have to keep having me come back. That means, empowered happy humans who love coming to work!


I am a real person, with a life I enjoy, and my greatest desire is to support you in thriving in your life and business.


Are you ready to bring in your flow?