flow advising for Small Business- $2750


  • Is everyone in your company thriving?

  • Is your entire team actually... happy?

  • Do you have systems in place to allow for continued upward growth?

  • Are you happy with your company's growth rate, and earnings?

  • At the end of a work day, is there a feeling of fulfillment?

  • Do you get the time off you need, when you need it?

  • Do you feel like whatever isn't done today can wait until tomorrow?

  • Is your team working as a... team?

  • Are you happy with your paycheck?

  • Does every square foot of your business pay you back for what you pay for it, as in, it's used for the best gain?

Pssst... I can help.


Deep Dive Discovery - I hear what's between the lines and can figure out what you are saying on a deeper level. I notice subtle things that you may be overlooking because you see them every day.

Feng Shui - For over 3000 years, people have agreed on a set of guidelines that help keep the flow going.  It has proven to be an incredible tool to me over and over again. I will map out the floor plan of the office and show you what is affecting your abundance, relationships, and health. It's fascinating...

Empowerment - Unleash everyone's superpowers! When a team has everyone operating in their power, expansion and escalation is guaranteed. Let's create a win/win for everyone!

Chaos Coordination - I'm gonna find the clutter and chaos and bring it up. I'll help you figure out why it's happening, and make a plan to change it so the solution sticks. I'll do it slowly so you don't collapse. I've got you.

Mindset - It's more than affirmations, it's a shift in thinking for the whole company. It's finding the strong leaders and helping them set an example. It's figuring out why anyone might not feel safe to talk about how they feel at work. It's becoming aware of the trust between the team, and how transparent everyone can be.

Ambient Creature Comforts - Human beings need things like comfortable temperatures, great lighting, air flow and quality furniture to thrive in an office setting. When your people feel good, your business does too.

Team Dynamics - A resume may tell you what a person can DO, but it's more helpful to know how they naturally operate in a team. I have a simple quick quiz that helps you understand your team and adjust roles and responsibilities.

Balance - Elements, time, storage, workflow, scheduling. Keeping the office in flow becomes easier when you can see the balance and everyone has a part in maintaining it. I'll show you where the balance needs to be adjusted. you'll feel it.

Energy Flow - Furniture, lighting, and decor create a feeling. I look at the flow from front door to back corners, making sure every space is working for you. This also includes desk placement for maximum productivity, and plenty of space to move around easily.

Energy Clearing - Get the funk out. There are many ways to get stagnant energy moving again. I'll help you identify what works best for you, and show you how to do it.

Financial Freedom - I have a weird way of seeing ways to bring in extra income. I have created incentives and profit sharing systems to inspire your team to show up and sell by educating, without being pushy.

Decluttering - I have a simple way to declutter areas. It involves working in small manageable areas. I know you don't need to get overwhelmed, you've got a business to manage. I'll probably find out who on your team likes organizing things and recruit them to do this for you.

Color Consultation - Total transparency.  I love color. AND I will not turn your office into Disneyland unless you want me to. I WILL help you add a little color if needed, or possibly pick out paint colors or decorative things to supercharge your chi (that's Feng Shui speak for energy). If you are up for something interesting, check out Elevated and Twisted.

Individual Coaching - I offer other coaching services to individuals, so if there is anyone on your team that wants to work with me on an individual basis, they have access to me at a reduced rate while I am contracted with you. I have over 25 years of experience working with people and in customer service.  People seem to want to tell me all their deepest secrets...


I use Feng Shui as part of Flowganize and 5D Flow because it's amazing and it works.


Here's the difference.  When I learned Feng Shui years ago, I fell in LOVE with it AND I felt that something was missing.

Let me put it this way. 


Adding a Feng Shui cure to an environment is like putting down a rug over a pile of dirt. 

The rug looks nice, but there's an underlying things that didn't get dealt with,

and you feel it under there when you walk over it.


The question I asked was, "WHY?"

  • Why did I do that thing in that place in my house?

  • Why did I feel so unproductive in my home office?

  • Why did my relationship suffer when I had that room closed down?

I like to figure that stuff out so the growth and transformation lasts.  I like to see people have a-ha moments, and burst into laughter when they figure out how simple it really is to create a more flowing life.

Warning:  I'm gonna get all metaphorical and stuff...

I see life like a river.


If you are the water and you come up to a rock, do you run into the rock repeatedly, or go around it? 


Sometimes the water runs faster, as we do, rushed and hurried, possibly smashing into a rock before going around it, hopefully learning along the way... sometimes it moves much more slowly, with consciousness, awareness and contemplation.


The thing to know, is there is room to flow.

I'll teach you how to do it, and you can use it for work, home and even relationships!

The 5D Flow experience is literally 5 Ds.


Part 1 - one day complete solution

Discuss -  It's time to get real.  I will meet with you and a few of your key people to look at the truth about your company. Then our discussion will reveal the truth about WHY things aren't flowing.  You'll find out what you didn't know you didn't know.


Disrupt - Let's look at bigger possibilities.  The sky is the limit, so we will consider an even deeper version of  what you don't know you don't know, and dream bigger and bigger  Huge.  We will explore what your IDEAL work space could be like.  This blows the roof off of the manifestation of what is possible.

Define - Brainstorming complete, time to get real and grounded!  Using my superpowers and feng shui wisdom, I'll map out a 3-6 month plan so you can see where you are going.  Need something faster, we can discuss that.  I'm into fast work but will never blow things up if they can't be put back together.

Part 2 - additional 3-6 month advisory program

Direct - Need accountability? I'll be there for you on an agreed schedule to implement and hold you accountable to stick to the plan. We'll assign the work to the right people based on who is good at it.


Devote - During and after the plan, I am devoted to the success of your company. I love to see you win.  I ADORE seeing your whole team in 5D Flow. I am your accountability coach, and will keep you on track, or flex the plan to work even better.


You ready?

Complete 5D Flow Business Solution

Fix your flow $2750