Fix your small business flow NOW. $2750


Flow + Organize = Flowganize

I help people relax into life,

find their unique flow and feel amazing.

"I've spent the past 25 years breaking through limitations, facing fears, building a toolbox, and finding my purpose.  Life is a journey, but are you LIVING IT?


I work with individuals and small companies to create amazing flow in your home and office.  If you're not sure where you're stuck, let's chat.

If you don't love your life, let's chat.

If you are ready to be way more YOU, let's chat.


Oh, and let's make this fun, shall we?"

- Andrea Nicole King,

Flow Facilitator, and Feng Shui Fixer 


Questioning everything, creating amazing experiences

and geeking out on Feng Shui and Flow since 2008

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5D flow book

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are you done making excuses?